Our Students

At City Academy, students come first. We work with students to provide an optimum learning environment based on how they learn best – their success is our success. We value creative and outside of the box thinking and we are proud to help our students do the same. This provides them with the skillset, drive and confidence they need to reach their post-secondary goals and gain entry into educational institutions in Canada, the United States and abroad. With our experienced hands-on approach students at City Academy receive the support they need to achieve their academic potential.

teenagers walking

Most students in our school are at the grade 11 and 12 level, however many grade 9 and 10 students who fit the profile of needing this unique approach to education have completed their high school career with us. They come to us from all over the GTA, different parts of Ontario, and even as far away as Italy, Dubai and China. With our compact size, and the flexible structure of our timetable, we are able to respond with an educational program that meets the needs of a wide variety of students.

The diversity of our student body is something we are very proud of. At City Academy, it is vital that every student feels welcome and we work hard to ensure that our school is a safe space for each student. From LGBTQ+ students, to students from diverse backgrounds, cultures and religions, City Academy is a mosaic of truly wonderful and inspiring people.

Virtual Learning

The virtual classroom experience motivates students to participate in our program and therefore commit to their own success. As well, our small size guarantees that regardless of whether students are physically in-class or virtual, all students receive the same excellent teaching and support from our fantastic teachers.

City Academy’s virtual program mimics that of the traditional classroom.

  • students are actively engaged by the presence of a teacher 100% of class time in a synchronous “live” learning environment
  • students interact daily with their teacher and peers allowing for collaboration, teamwork and skill building in real-time
  • students participate in online technological experiences, labs and experiments to facilitate and enhance learning
  • students have a clear understanding of course expectations and what is required to achieve success
  • students work closely with the teacher in support of their learning and academic goals
  • students and parents have ongoing communication with the teacher
  • students and parents receive regular and ongoing feedback on course progress