Grade 8 students are welcomed to “reach ahead” and achieve a maximum of 3 credits before the start of their secondary school career.

This is a great opportunity for students to reduce their academic workload in their first year of high school or get a compulsory course out of the way to allow them the opportunity to take an additional elective.

If your child is currently in grade 8, please reach out to us to discuss reach-ahead opportunities.


Certain post-secondary programs require students to complete standardized testing. City Academy’s tutors are available to support students in preparing for the required testing, so they can be set up for success.


Looking for some additional one-on-one help? City Academy’s tutors are the same excellent subject specialists who teach credit courses through the school year. Therefore, they are well aware of the requirements of the Ontario curriculum and can use their vast knowledge and skills to better assist the student.

Tutoring is available for:

  • all subjects and grades
  • improvement of organization, test-writing , essay-writing and research skills
  • standardized testing (ACT, SSAT and UKCAT)
  • IB and AP® course content


Individual (1 on 1)

Dual (2 on 1)

1 hour



5-hour package



10-hour package



25-hour package



Group Tutoring (3 or more students) – Please call or email the school for more information.


One day per week at a set time for a specific period of time As needed – Subject to teacher availability
One day per week at a set time for a specific period of time As needed – Subject to teacher availability
One day per week at a set time for a specific period of time
As needed – Subject to teacher availability


City Academy is proud to announce the addition of Advanced Placement APsup>® courses to our program offerings.

AP® is a program developed by College Board® that offers students the opportunity to take university-level courses while still in high school. AP® courses allow students to challenge themselves and deepen and enrich their learning in a specific area of instruction. Depending on their interests and strengths, students may enrol in one or more AP® courses.

Upon successful completion of the AP® course, students will achieve the Ontario credit and will also be prepared to write the standardized AP® examination. The AP® exams are offered every May. Students who perform well on the AP® exam may be granted placement and/or course credit at Canadian and American universities. Each university has its own policy regarding AP® courses. For information on the AP policies of Canadian universities please consult the following website:

At present, the following AP® courses are available at City Academy:

AP Biology • AP Calculus AB • AP English Literature

Additional courses are being added.

For additional information please click here ❯

Advanced Placement Program® and AP® are trademarks registered and/or owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this site.


We’re here to help students excel, including helping prepare them for a big test. With our Pre-Test/Exam Reviews Sessions, City Academy is able to offer students a 5 hour session to assist in ensuring that the student is prepared for an upcoming major test or final exam.

These sessions can be scheduled with relatively short notice and can be completed independently or with a group of students attending the same school and class.

Within the context of the content tutorial teachers will offer instruction in exam writing and study skills.


5-hour package

$400 Individual (1on1)


City Academy has graduated over 1500 students and has assisted them in applying to universities and colleges throughout Ontario, Canada, the United States and abroad. A list of universities attended by City Academy graduates can be viewed here. On staff assisting students in completing this task is a full time post-secondary coordinator. 


  • OUAC 101 (Ontario University Application Centre)
  • OCAS (Ontario College Application Services)


  • university/college program research
  • transcript review and identification of required courses
  • assistance in completing the application and monitoring the application
  • assistance in accepting an offer of admission

The cost of this service is included in tuition fees for full-time day school students.
The cost of this service to non-City Academy students is $300.


  • OUAC 105 Application assistance for students who are not currently attending an Ontario high school
  • Assistance in writing/editing statements of intent which many universities now require
  • Assistance in out-of-province applications
  • Assistance with out-of-country applications
  • Assistance with NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) applications

The cost of this service is dependent on the number of hours required.


At City Academy, we are proud to report that we have graduated over 1600 students to universities and colleges in Canada, the United States and abroad. In fact, over 95% of City Academy graduates were admitted to their post-secondary program of choice. Our post-secondary coordinator is available for career counselling to assist students in ensuring that the university/college program they choose will prepare them for the career of their choice. This is a service we highly recommend as it allows us to work with students to set them up for success in reaching their post-secondary goals.


We receive many requests from parents wishing their son/daughter to complete a “tune-up” of a specific subject in order to ensure they are prepared for the next school year and/or semester. We are here to help.

This service can be offered to students on an individual basis in all subject areas. A subject “tune-up” requires approximately 15 hours at a cost of $1,100; however this estimation may vary depending on the ability of the student.

We recommend that you phone the school to personally discuss your needs so that a program can be formulated to meet your individual needs.

Virtual Learning

The virtual classroom experience motivates students to participate in our program and therefore commit to their own success. As well, our small size guarantees that regardless of whether students are physically in-class or virtual, all students receive the same excellent teaching and support from our fantastic teachers.

City Academy’s virtual program mimics that of the traditional classroom.

  • students are actively engaged by the presence of a teacher 100% of class time in a synchronous “live” learning environment
  • students interact daily with their teacher and peers allowing for collaboration, teamwork and skill building in real-time
  • students participate in online technological experiences, labs and experiments to facilitate and enhance learning
  • students have a clear understanding of course expectations and what is required to achieve success
  • students work closely with the teacher in support of their learning and academic goals
  • students and parents have ongoing communication with the teacher
  • students and parents receive regular and ongoing feedback on course progress