Day School 2020-2021

A big part of City Academy’s success reflects the popularity of the unique timetable structure which we initiated in 1999. In this model the school year is divided into four semesters of 44 school days each. Each period is 2.5 hours long. Although three periods per day are scheduled we counsel students, for maximum success, to take only two credits each semester. The third period “spare” is utilized for homework. We encourage students to remain at school in this third period to complete homework. The goal is that within the school day (8:30 – 4:00) students take classes and complete their homework, thus leaving free time in the evening to enjoy family and friends. The homework period is not mandated, however most students take advantage of the opportunity. Students have a choice of working independently on homework or of being timetabled into a class where homework is supervised.

Proof that the four-semester timetable model enhances students’ success is the fact that other schools have adopted a similar format. 


Semester 1A: 

September 8 – November 9

Semester 1B: 

November 10 – January 22


Semester 2A:

January 25 – March 29


Semester 2B:

March 30- June 9 

PDF: Important Dates 2020-2021


Class: $1,900 per credit course

1on1: $4,000 per credit course

2on1 $2,650 per credit course

3on1: $2,250 per credit course

                         NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT due at time of registration – $1,900


Post-Secondary Support 

 We believe at City Academy that it is our mandate to prepare students for university/college by teaching them the skills, knowledge and work ethic which will make them successful there. Finding a correct university/college “fit” is of paramount importance. Therefore, our student services department is  focused on the university/college entrance process. Students are given information about possible post-secondary placements on a regular basis. All students are guided by our coordinator, Stephanie, through the university/college application process and the many program options available in Ontario, Canada, the United States and abroad. We believe that our students and their families should be making decisions about university/college placement based on correct data. Every student has ready access to the post-secondary placement coordinator and students use her expertise when needed. After each meeting with a student, Stephanie emails the results of the meeting to parents, thus including them in every decision.

“Thanks for a wonderful experience at City Academy.” Gresa (student)

We have been very pleased to have assisted athletes in gaining placement in US universities on scholarship. We have bee bale to assist them in the NCAA process, and working with them and their parents to assure that their GPA is in the required range. Supported by visits from many Ontario universities and counseled and guided by our university placement coordinator, we feel our students have been correctly placed in post-secondary institutions which meet their needs, interests and abilities.

“I cannot express how grateful I am for choosing City – as I have reached my goals.” – Jenn (student)

Frequently Asked Questions.

A list of universities attended by City Academy graduates can be viewed here.

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