Course Offerings

Subjects which will be offered 2018-2019

 Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
ArtsVisual Arts (AVI1O)
Dance (ATC1O)
Visual Arts (AVI2O)
Dance (ATC2O)
Visual Arts (AVI3M)
Dance (ATC3M)
Photography (AWQ3M)
Media Arts (ASM3O)
Visual Arts (AVI4M)
Dance (ATC4M)
Photography (AWQ4M)
Film/Video (AWR4M)
Fashion Design (AWI4M)
Building a Portfolio (AWL4M)
Painting & Drawing (AWM4M)
Portraiture (AWT4M)
Music & Computers (AMM4M)
Art History (AWU4M)
Art in the City (AWG4M)
Business StudiesIntro To Business(BBI1O)
Info & Comm Tech (BTT1O)
Intro To Business (BBI2O)
Info & Comm Tech (BTT2O)
Financial Accounting (BAF3M)
Intro to Marketing (BMI3C)
Entrepreneurship (BDI3C)
Financial Accounting (BAT4M)
International Business (BBB4M)
Business Leadership (BOH4M)
Civics Civics & Citizenship (CHV2O)  
Economics  The Individual and the Economy (CIE3M)Analyzing Current Economic Issues (CIA4U)
GeographyCanadian Geography(CGC1D) Forces of Nature (CGF3M))Environment & Resource Management (CGR4M)
World Issues(CGW4U)
World Geography (CGU4M)
History Canadian History Since World War 1 (CHC2D)American History (CHA3U)
World History to the End of the 15th Century (CHW3M)
Canada: History, Identity & Culture (CHI4U)
World History since the 15th Century (CHY4U)
Law  Canadian Law (CLU3M)Canadian & International Law (CLN4U)
Politics   Canadian & World Politics (CPW4U)
Classical Studies   Classical Civilizations (LVV4U)
EnglishEnglish (ENG1D)English (ENG2D)English (ENG3U)
Canadian Literature (ETC3M)
Media Studies (EMS3O)
English (ENG4U)
Studies in Literature (ETS4U)
The Writers Craft (EWC4U)
Literacy   Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OLC4O)
Core (FSF1D/1O)
Extended (FEF1D)
Immersion (FIF1D)
Core (FSF2D)
Extended (FEF2D)
Immersion (FIF2D)
Core (FSF3U)
Extended (FEF3U)
Immersion (FIF3U)
International (LBACU-LYXCU)
Core (FSF4U)
Extended (FEF4U)
Immersion (FIF4U)
International Languages (LBADU-LYXDU)
The following International Languages are available at all levels: Spanish, German, Latin, Japanese, Russian
Guidance & Career EducationLearning Strategies (GLS1O or GLE1O)Career Studies (GLC2O)
Learning Strategies (GLE2O)
Designing your Future (GWL3O)
Leadership & Peer Support (GPP3O)
Learning Strategies (GLE3O)
Learning Strategies (GLS4O or GLE4O)
Health & P.E.   Exercise Science (PSE4U)
MathematicsPrinciples of Math Academic (MPM1D)
Foundations of Math Applied (MFM1P)
Math Transfer(MPM1H)
Principles of Math (MPM2D)
Foundations of Math (MFM2P)
Functions (MCR3U)
Functions & Applications (MCF3M)
Foundations–College (MBF3C)
Math for Work & Life (MEL3E)
Foundations for College Math (MAP4C)
Advanced Functions (MHF4U)
Calculus & Vectors (MCV4U)
Data Management (MDM4U)
ScienceScience Academic (SNC1D)
Science Applied (SNC1P)
Science Academic (SNC2D)
Science Applied (SNC2P)
Biology (SBI3U or SBI3C)
Chemistry (SCH3U)
Physics (SPH3U)
Environmental Science (SVN3M)
Biology (SBI4U)
Chemistry (SCH4U)
Chemistry – College (SCH4C)
Physics (SPH4U)
Physics – College (SPH4C)
Earth & Space Science (SES4U)
Science (SNC4M)
Social Science  Intro to Anthropology, Sociology & Psychology (HSP3U)Challenge & Change in Society (HSB4U)
Family StudiesFood & Nutrition (HFN1O)Food & Nutrition (HFN2O) Nutrition & Health (HFA4U)
Families in Canada (HHS4U)
Human Development (HHG4M)
Personal Life Management (HIP4O)
Equity Studies  Gender Studies (HSG3M)Equity & Social Justice (HSE4M)
Philosophy  Philosophy: The Big Questions (HZB3M)Philosophy: Questions & Theories (HZT4U)
Religious Studies  World Religions (HRT3M) 
Computer StudiesExploring Tech. (TIJ1O)Intro to Computer Studies (ICS2O)Intro to Computer Science (ICS3U)Computer Science (ICS4U)
Interdisciplinary Studies   Film Studies (IDC4U2)
Journalism/Photojournalism (IDC4U4)

Non-Credit Courses:

* ACT Preparation
* Calculus Supplementary Course for Business and Science Students
* Planning for Post-Secondary Studies – offered by our in-house Education Consultant (go to our website for a more complete content overview)
Skype Courses – For students who are unable to be present in the school we can now offer credits over ‘Skype’. Phone for further information.

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