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The strength of any school is judged on the richness of its curriculum and the expertise of the teachers who deliver this curriculum.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students who intend to seek entry to post-secondary education (mostly universities).

City Academy offers program for both full-time and part-time students during the day, at night and in the summer. The program offerings reflect a wide spectrum of courses.

“As an educator myself I really appreciate the skilled teachers you have at City Academy.””…I was very pleased with the program that my daughter took with your school. Her teacher was exceptional!”
– Sherry (parent)

The English department is rich in talent and experience. Several of our teachers are published authors and columnists. All have a passion for their subject and are flexible in how they deliver course content. All have a fervent belief that the goal of the English program is to produce students whose reading and writing skills will assist them in all of life’s challenges. Returning students comment that the English instruction they received at City Academy prepared them very well for the challenges of university essay writing.

We offer a wide variety of English courses to meet the needs and interests of all students

Course Offerings:

Grade 9
  • English (ENG1D)
Grade 10
  • English (ENG2D)– in addition to building fundamental composition skills, this course encourages students to think critically about literature and the world around them
  • Literacy Skills: Reading & Writing (ELS2O)
Grade 11
  • English (ENG3U)
    – who is more of a monster: Dr. Frankenstein or the creature he brings to life? In ENG3U students will build on the skills acquired in ENG2D and explore the nature of what it means to be human
  • Canadian Literature (ETC3M)
  • Literacy Skills: Reading & Writing (ELS3O)
  • Media Studies (EMS3O)
Grade 12
  • English (ENG4U)
  • The Writer’s Craft (EWC4U)– Students will develop and hone their writing skills in this exploratory workshop format course in creative writing
  • Studies in Literature (ETS4U)– This course offers students the chance to read widely and deeply in world literature. Students will apply interdisciplinary theoretical skills to the study of fiction, drama and poetry.
  • Studies in Literature: The Graphic Novel (ETS4U)– This multidisciplinary survey course introduces students to the graphic novel as an emerging literary form. After studying works like The Watchmen and Maus, students will have the opportunity to create graphic narratives of their own.
  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OLC4O)

The achievement of a senior mathematics credit is becoming increasingly important to all students entering university. We are proud that all of our math teachers are specialists and are knowledgeable about the content of all high school math courses, as well as math courses which will be taken at university. Because of the focused approach of the timetable, students who have had difficulty with mathematics in previous grades are surprised at how easily the concepts are learned in a small group setting with an excellent teacher.

We also provide our students the support to enter the Waterloo University math contests such as the Euclid (grade 12) and Pascal (grade 11). Our students have excelled in these contests, earning marks in the top 20 percentile.

Course Offerings:

Grade 9
  • Principles of Mathematics (MPM1D)
  • Foundations of Mathematics (MFM1P)
  • Mathematics Transfer Course 0.5 credit (MPM1H)
Grade 10
  • Principles of Mathematics (MPM2D)
  • Foundations of Mathematics (MFM2P)
Grade 11
  • Functions (MCR3U)
  • Functions & Applications (MCF3M)
  • Foundations for College Mathematics (MBF3C)
  • Mathematics for Work & Everyday Life (MEL3E)
Grade 12
  • Data Management (MDM4U)
  • Advanced Functions (MHF4U)
  • Calculus & Vectors (MCV4U)
  • Supplementary Calculus (non-credit)
  • Foundations for College Mathematics (MAP4C)

Many of our students wish to enter university in science programs. Our science staff represents expertise in all three science disciplines: biology, physics, chemistry, and all are passionate about their subject area. We are proud that in the science department we have teachers with Master’s degrees and PhDs, thus offering our students a wealth of experience and content expertise. In the past we have placed students into very competitive university science programs and all have reported that they felt they were exceptionally well prepared and could take their place equally beside all other students.

Course Offerings:

Grade 9
  • Science (SNC1D OR SNC1P)
Grade 10
  • Science (SNC2D or (SNC2P)
Grade 11
  • Biology (SBI3U or SBI3C)
  • Chemistry (SCH3U)
  • Physics (SPH3U)
  • Environmental Science (SVN3M)
Grade 12
  • Biology (SBI4U)
  • Chemistry (SCH4U or SCH4C)
  • Physics (SPH4U or SPH4C)
  • Earth & Space Science (SES4U)
  • Science (SNC4M)

In the pre-entry interview, the most common response from students to the question “what program do you wish to enter in university?” is “Business”. Because the business field is so varied a good pre-business program for these students requires instruction by teachers who are knowledgeable about current business practices.

The business and computer departments at City Academy are very closely linked to the math department and we have the availability of talented teachers to deliver credits in business that are closely linked to business courses taught at the university level. We also consider Computer Studies an essential part of a pre-business program.

Course Offerings:

Grade 9
  • Introduction to Business (BBI1O)
  • Exploring Technologies (TIJ1O)
Grade 10
  • Introduction to Business (BBI2O)
  • Introduction to Computer Studies (ICS2O)
Grade 11
  • Financial Accounting Fundamentals (BAF3M)
  • Introduction to Marketing (BMI3C)
  • Entrepreneurship: The Venture (BDI3C)
  • Introduction to Computer Science (ICS3U)
Grade 12
  • Financial Accounting Principles (BAT4M)
  • International Business (BBB4M)
  • Business Leadership (BOH4M)
  • Computer Science (ICS4U)

Accordion ContentWe offer all of the social science and Canadian and world studies subjects included in the Ontario curriculum. In this department our teachers, with degrees focusing on history, psychology, geography, law, politics and philosophy offer an approach that brings the everyday world into the classroom. These classes are very interactive. Parents often comment that the content of these courses are brought home to foster many interesting family discussions.

In addition to regular course offerings in this area, we have enriched our program with IDC (interdisciplinary) courses in Film Studies, History of Art and Financial Securities.

Course Offerings:

Grade 9
  • Geography of Canada (CGC1D)
Grade 10
  • Civics 0.5 credit (CHV2O)
  • Canadian History Since World War 1 (CHC2D)
  • Food & Nutrition (HFN2O)
Grade 11
  • The Individual & the Economy (CIE3M)
  • The Americas: Geographic Patterns & Issues (CGD3M)
  • Physical Geography (CGF3M)
  • American History (CHA3U)
  • World History to the 16th Century (CHW3M)
  • Understanding Canadian Law (CLU3M)– This course explores Canadian law, with a focus on legal issues that are relevant to people’s everyday lives.
  • Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology (HSP3U)
  • World Religions (HRT3M)
Grade 12
  • Analyzing Current Economic Issues (CIA4U)– teaches the fundamentals needed for post-secondary studies in business, finance and accounting. It also explores the skills and knowledge applicable to a wide variety of academic disciplines
  • Environment & Resource Management (CGR4M)
  • Canadian and World Issues (CGW4U)– the course explores a combination of geographic, political environmental and economic concepts to assist in a better understanding of our complex world
  • Canada: History, Identity and Culture (CHI4U)
  • World History Since 1500 (CHY4U)– This course explores the political, social and cultural changes occurring during major events in world history, including the Italian Renaissance, the French Revolution, the ages of European imperialism and the Russian Revolution.
  • Canadian & International Law (CLN4U)– This course explores a range of contemporary legal issues and how they are addressed in both Canadian and international law.
  • Canadian & World Politics (CPW4U)
  • Nutrition & Health (HFA4U)
  • Families in Canada (HHS4U)
  • Human Growth & Development (HHG4M)
  • Challenge & Change in Society (HSB4U)
  • Philosophy: Questions & Theories (HZT4U)– the nature of existence, the meaning of life and the mystery of human kind – this course probes the most profound questions of life
  • Film Studies (IDC4U2)– explores the amazing technical and artistic achievements of the film world, past and present
  • Building Financial Security (IDC4U3)

We are fortunate to have on staff teachers with unique skills in art, film, photography, and music and computers. The school’s belief is that art is a reflection of our society and therefore all students should be exposed to new art experiences. Our facilities are small, but offer the same opportunities as much larger schools. We have an art room, a dark room and computers for specialized editing, both music and film.

The success of these art programs is reflected in the fact that every year we place students into the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) and the film studies programs at Concordia University, University of British Columbia and York University. Because of our unique Music and Computers course there is a growing student interest in post-secondary courses focused on the music industry. With the assistance of our talented, creative and inspiring teachers, many of our students have discovered a talent in art that they had not previously realized they possessed. And, although art may not be a career choice, they recognize that by taking art courses they will be more knowledgeable future consumers of art.

Course Offerings:

Grade 9
  • Integrated Arts (ALC1O)
  • Visual Arts (AVI1O)
Grade 10
  • Integrated Arts (ALC2O)
  • Visual Arts (AVI2O)
Grade 11
  • Visual Arts (AVI3M)
  • Photography (AWQ3M)
  • Media Arts (ASM3O)
Grade 12
  • Visual Arts (AVI4M)
  • Photography (AWQ4M)– Photography (film to digital); this course explores pinhole cameras, B&W film processing (darkroom), studio lighting, image editing & manipulation (Photoshop), and field trips to local galleries.
  • Film/Video (AWR4M)– take advantage of our up-to-date media suite and learn about the “ins” and “outs” of movie production, editing and post-production in this hands-on audio/video course
  • Fashion Design (AWI4M)
  • Building a Portfolio (AWL4M)– In this course, students develop their technical drawing abilities and creative skills, while assembling portfolios for post-secondary arts education.
  • Painting & Drawing (AWM4M)
  • Portraiture (AWT4M)
  • Music & Computers (AMM4M)
  • Art History (AWU4M)
  • Art in the City (AWG4M)– In this field trip intensive course, students explore Toronto’s cultural institutions while developing their creative abilities and observational drawing and painting skills.
  • Technological Education
    • Communications Technology (TGJ4M)
    • Technological Design (TDJ4M)

Our Language/Classical Studies department is small, but talented. We have teachers who can teach French, Spanish, Italian and German. In the past we have offered courses in Japanese and Mandarin and we were proud that, one of our students, because of the instruction she received at City Academy, entered the University of British Columbia in the faculty of Asian Studies.

Also, one of the most popular history courses in our school is Classical Civilizations.

Course Offerings:

Grade 9
  • Core French (FSF1D)
  • International Languages (LBAAD – LYXAD)
Grade 10
  • Core French (FSF2D)
  • International Languages (LBABD – LYXBD)
Grade 11
  • Core French (FSF3U)
  • International Languages (LBACU – LYXCU)
Grade 12
  • Core French (FSF4U)
  • International Languages (LBADU – LYXDU)
  • Classical Civilizations (LVV4U)– a trip back in time to the stunning worlds of ancient Greece and Rome where the foundations of the western world were laid among some of humanities greatest cultural achievements

*Requests for instruction in other languages can be accommodated.

We offer the grade 12 Physical Education credit in Exercise Science. It is a subject of special interest to our student athletes and those who are pursuing a career in Kinesiology and/or Physiotherapy.

Course Offerings:

Grade 11
  • Health for Life (PPZ3O)
  • special arrangements for these courses may be made with the principal
Grade 12

Exercise Science (PSE4U)– an interactive approach to muscles, movement, physiology and the nature of athletic performanc

Our Language/Classical Studies department is small, but talented. We have teachers who can teach French, Spanish, Italian and German. In the past we have offered courses in Japanese and Mandarin and we were proud that, one of our students, because of the instruction she received at City Academy, entered the University of British Columbia in the faculty of Asian Studies. Also, one of the most popular history courses in our school is Classical Civilizations.

Course Offerings:

Grade 9
  • Learning Strategies 1 (GLS1O or GLE1O)
Grade 10
  • Career Studies 0.5 credit (GLC2O)
  • Learning Strategies 1 (GLE2O)
Grade 11
  • Designing Your Future (GWL3O)
  • Leadership and Peer Support (GPP3O)
  • Advanced Learning Strategies (GLE3O)
Grade 12
  • Advanced Learning Strategies (GLS4O or GLE4O)
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