Our Students

The student population at City Academy reflects the same cross section of individuals as would be found in any large public or private high school. Students enter the school with the goal of maximizing their academic potential. All are focused on gaining entry into post-secondary schools in Canada, the United States and Europe.

We draw our students from the Toronto area and beyond. Students come to us from the GTA, (Thornhill, Aurora, Mississsauga and Whitby) and even as far away as Italy, Dubai and China.

"I have known many people who have enrolled with [City Academy] and I have heard nothing but great things."
- Jennifer (parent)

Because of our compact size and the flexible structure of our timetable we are able to respond with a program delivery mode which meets a wide variety of student needs.

Most students in our school are at the grade 11 and 12 level, however many grade 9 and 10 students who fit the profile of needing this unique approach to education have completed their high school career with us.

"Thank you so much for everything this summer! [He] was an amazing teacher and he helped me to not dread English."
- Taylor (student)

The school is built on the belief that a positive and cooperative tone is necessary to each student’s learning and success. Returning students comment on how much they appreciated the warm and supportive atmosphere offered by City Academy and its staff.

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