Frequently Asked Questions

City Academy has a long history in the North Toronto community for delivering exemplary programs, which are taught with professional integrity. Most of our students are referred to us by past students, parents and other education professionals. We seldom advertise. Because we were the initiators of the four-semester approach to high school education we have worked diligently over the past 13 years to perfect the model in order to assure the success of every student. Our staff is constant and has a vested interest in the success of the school. Our program is constantly evolving and improving. We believe that it is not the structure that makes the school successful, but how program is implemented to meet individual needs.

City Academy teachers are talented, energetic, student-friendly subject specialists, most of whom possess Master’s degrees or double Master’s degrees. They are hired for their ability to relate to students, assess student needs and to do the work necessary to inspire students to achieve optimum success. Because of our teachers’ passion for their subject of expertise they offer exemplary instruction. Courses offered at night school and summer school are taught by the same staff who teach day school.

Our students are drawn from high schools, both public and private, across the GTA and beyond. Several of City Academy’s students are elite athletes or talented musicians, actors and film makers who take advantage of our flexible timetabling in order to have time for their sport or vocation, while achieving academic excellence. Some of our students wish to attend universities in the United States and come to our school to take advantage of the support they receive in attaining that goal.

All City Academy students have the desire to succeed and are prepared to exhibit the necessary work ethic required to achieve their goals. They have also accepted ownership for their success.

The course selection at City Academy is as broad as is available in any public high school in Ontario. City Academy has the facilities and teacher expertise to offer excellent preparation for students who wish to enter the disciplines of mathematics, sciences, social sciences, humanities, communications, business, computer sciences, English and the fine arts (especially visual arts).

We are pleased that many of the large private high schools, in and outside of Toronto, recommend City Academy as a place for their students to take extra courses and/or courses which cannot be accommodated in the regular homeschool timetable.

A description of the courses can be found on the Ministry of Education website or in our course calendar.

Our students have been accepted to all universities/colleges in Ontario and throughout Canada. We have also placed students in many universities in the U.S., the U.K. and Europe. Several of our students have been admitted to graduate programs at Columbia University and the London School of Economics. Parents, students and universities report that because of the knowledge, self-awareness and the four-semester timetable structure at City Academy our students demonstrate a readiness to master the many challenges of the university experience. Because of our lengthy history and the students we have graduated to universities and colleges, our reputation with these post-secondary institutions is excellent.

A list of universities attended by City Academy graduates can be viewed here.

City Academy employs a fulltime university placement counsellor. Students and parents have constant access to her expertise and research skills, thus negating the need for a professional education consultant. Our goal is to expose our students to as many post-secondary choices as possible. Within the context of our course delivery City Academy teachers stress the skills required for student success: time management; test and exam preparation; test and exam writing; organization; note taking; essay writing. Students are treated with respect and as self-starting, self-disciplined young adults who will take ownership for their own success. In addition we offer preparation courses for ACT exams. Students may also elect to take non-credit courses to further enhance the skills required to be a successful post-secondary student.

As of September 2015, City Academy has relocated to 1910/1920 Yonge Street (on the Northwest corner of Yonge and Davisville). This location offers the same amenities we have enjoyed at our previous location. The school is directly accessible by TTC and the facility allows us to continue our excellent academic curriculum with facility support for our science, art and photography programs. The school has a lab, an art studio, a darkroom and even our own personal patio!

Please refer to the Fee Structure page for information on tuition costs.

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