Our Purpose

City Academy offers credit courses which follow Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Guidelines. Utilizing teachers who are subject specialists and following a flexible and unique timetabling format, we are committed to every student’s success.

In an environment where the pupil-teacher ratio is very low and expectations are high, our students are assured the personal attention which will maximize achievement in any subject required for an O.S.S.D. – Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

"I feel prepared to embark on a university education – something I thought I would never be ready for."
- Jenn (student)

At City Academy we believe that all students are capable of achieving excellence. Our goal is to unlock each student’s unique potential through teaching techniques which identify and capitalize on strengths, and correct weaknesses. Study habits learned in all of our courses will assist in all future studies.

Students who attend City Academy are university/college bound and are looking for a small focused setting where their maximum academic potential can be realized. 99% of our graduates are accepted into universities/colleges of their choice and they have reported to us that they were well prepared to be successful at this academic level. The expectation of hard work and a planned approach to learning which they experienced at City Academy has projected into their university experience.

As you browse through this website please note that the focus at City Academy is on students, on maximizing their potential, on creating an exciting and inspiring environment.

"As an educator myself I really appreciate the skilled teachers you have at City Academy." 
- Patricia (parent)
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