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“…your teachers sparked an interest in learning that we haven’t seen in our son…”

“…I consider myself fortunate to have attended your excellent school…”

“…greatly appreciate all of the effort you continually put forth in order to motivate me and ensure that I achieved my best….”

“…Thank you for this experience, I love this school…”

“…your outstanding program and approach has saved my year…”

City Academy offers credit courses which follow Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Guidelines. Utilizing teachers who are subject specialists and following a flexible and unique timetabling format, we are committed to every student’s success.

In an environment where the pupil-teacher ratio is very low and expectations are high, our students are assured the personal attention which will maximize achievement in any subject required for an O.S.S.D. – Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

“I feel prepared to embark on a university
education – something I thought I would never be ready for.”

– Jenn (student)

At City Academy we believe that all students are capable of achieving excellence. Our goal is to unlock each student’s unique potential through teaching techniques which identify and capitalize on strengths, and correct weaknesses. Study habits learned in all of our courses will assist in all future studies.

Students who attend City Academy are university/college bound and are looking for a small focused setting where their maximum academic potential can be realized. 99% of our graduates are accepted into universities/colleges of their choice and they have reported to us that they were well prepared to be successful at this academic level. The expectation of hard work and a planned approach to learning which they experienced at City Academy has projected into their university experience.

As you browse through this website please note that the focus at City Academy is on students, on maximizing their potential, on creating an exciting and inspiring environment.

“As an educator myself I really appreciate the
skilled teachers you have at City Academy.” 

– Patricia (parent)

City Academy was opened in 1999 by a retired public high school principal who had recently worked with the Ministry of Education researching education models offered in high schools across Ontario. Her goal for her school was to offer a school model which gave students the best opportunity to achieve academic success. Thus, the four-semester format was implemented, supported by classes which do not exceed 8-10 students. The school opened with 5 students and was quickly embraced by the community so that by December the number of students had grown to 55 forcing us to increase our space.

“As an educator myself I really appreciate the skilled teachers you have at City Academy.”

– Patricia (parent)

In the years since 1999 we are proud to report that we have graduated over 1500 students to universities and colleges in Canada, the United States and abroad. And, we are pleased that when students return to visit us, they report that their experience at City Academy gave them an excellent foundation for post-secondary success. Of exceptional pride is the fact that 5 of our graduates have returned to the school to be well regarded staff members.

City Academy has had a long history of “excellence in education”. We have had the time, interest and constancy of staff and administration to continually improve on the assets of the four-semester structure. We believe that it is not only the structure which makes the school successful, but how the structure is implemented for each student. We constantly validate our belief that individual differences must be respected and that each student’s timetable should accommodate those differences.

We are proud of our students’ success and we look forward to many more years of providing the same opportunities to new students.

“The teachers and support staff at City Academy are excellent at welcoming and encouraging the kids to work hard to complete their courses – all in a very positive environment.”

– Carol (parent)


The philosophy of the school is derived from the principal’s 35 years as an educator, consultant and administrator in the public school system, enhanced by her work with the Ministry of Education as an
Education Officer and as a Supervisory Officer and instructor of teachers and future administrators in the Education faculty at York University.

It is clear that all students can learn however many need a specific kind of environment to maximize their academic potential.

“Sheila – I thought you would be interested in some of your alumni: [my daughter] is in the
PhD program at University of California; [my son] is doing his MBA in NYC; [my
other son] got his MA in NYC and is in the jungles of Columbia.”

– Hugh (parent)

At City Academy we stress academic focus. The social distractions of larger schools are not available, the ability to “hide” in a large class is impossible (our classes are approximately 8-10 students or less), the propensity of being overwhelmed with many different tasks does not happen (students take two subjects at a time), the excuse of being “bored” and not able to remember is radically reduced. The most important factor in student
success is that students have recognized the need for a change and have embraced it. In every class the skills needed for future success are taught. The structure of the school enables all students (grades 9 to 12) to long-range plan, practice self-discipline, and feel in control of their time and their workload.

City Academy is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible environment for all of our clients, students, and employees. City Academy will continue to improve accessibility to persons with disabilities in its facilities, its policies, and its processes. We welcome and encourage all members of our community to collaborate and provide creative input in future initiatives for accessibility.

City Academy maintains an open-door policy. Students and parents are welcome to visit the school with 24-hours’ notice to the front desk. Arrangements can be made for a student to audit a current course.

As well, parents are welcome to schedule appointments to meet with the principal to discuss options for potential future students.

“…the flexibility of the school’s program and the patience and understanding of the teachers and the staff, helped [my son] enormously. Thanks to constant encouragement, he was able to reach his potential in his studies and complete high school with great success.”

– T & Q (parents)

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