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*Although the school will be closing, many of our phenomenal teachers will remain available for private tutoring. Feel free to contact the school via email (info@cityacademy.ca) for additional information.
Transcripts must be requested from the Ministry of Education at student.records@ontario.ca. A digital transcript can be emailed to student free of charge with a 1-2 week turnaround. Students requiring a hardcopy of their transcript or diploma should expect a 4-5 week turnaround and a processing fee of $27.12 each.

To all parents and students,

We are extremely proud of the incredible work City Academy has done in education over the last 23 years. Under the continued tutelage of our fearless leader, Sheila Dever, a bold educator and principal, a small, unique private school was created and served the needs of thousands of students, gaining them entry to post-secondary programs around the world. Sheila`s vision was to create a school that allowed for all students to thrive in a smaller class setting, with a strong focus of ensuring that all students were uniquely understood and prospered. This vision became a reality and City Academy thrived.

From a business perspective, the last number of years have been difficult. The impact of higher rent, the pandemic, decreased enrollment and Sheila`s declining health have all taken a toll on the organisation. Sadly, after much consideration, City Academy has made the difficult decision to cease operations effective September 01, 2022. For all current students and families, we will continue to work with you to support your transition to other schools and programs. All student records will be transferred as needed. For June 2022 graduating students, diplomas and updated transcripts will be available for pickup at the front desk from June 20 onwards. For all non-City Academy students, Report Cards will be forwarded to your home school upon completion of the enrolled courses.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our teachers and administration staff for their ongoing efforts throughout their tenure at City Academy. It is our honour and privilege to have worked with them in support of student’s education. For all our families past and present, we want to thank you for your continued patronage. We have graduated hundreds of students who have gone on to post secondary programs and successful careers. We are humbled and proud of the legacy that we have left behind.

Thank you, and best wishes to you all,

City Academy

Reviews Section


““As a parent of 2 kids who both attended City Academy, I found it huge relief after navigating the TDSB system. Finally a school that "got it.” I felt I'd found a principal and a school that completely understood what they each needed to excel - and they both did. Such a relief!” ”

— Chris & Betty


““My year at City Academy really helped prepare me for my post-secondary studies. My guidance counselor was amazing with helping me edit my college essays and prepare for the admissions exams. Without City Academy I wouldn’t have been able to get into school in the USA.””

— Sarah


““The teachers and support staff at City Academy are excellent at welcoming and encouraging the kids to work hard to complete their courses – all in a very positive environment.””

— Carol


““Amazing, turned my high school experience from low grades and low interest to graduating with high grades and accepted to multiple universities””

— Rory


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At City Academy, students come first. We work with students to provide an optimum learning environment based on how they learn best – their success is our success. We value creative and outside of the box thinking and we are proud to help our students do the same. This provides them with the skillset, drive and confidence they need to reach their post-secondary goals. With our experienced hands-on approach students at City Academy receive the support they need to achieve their academic potential. LEARN MORE >


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