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Our Purpose

City Academy offers credit courses following Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Guidelines utilizing teachers who are subject specialists, and a flexible timetable format.

We are committed to every student’s success. A low pupil-teacher ratio and high expectations assure our students the personal attention which will maximize their achievement in any subject required for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D.)

At City Academy our goal is to unlock each student’s potential through teaching techniques that identify and capitalize on strengths while correcting weaknesses. The study habits learned in our courses will assist in all future learning.

Students attending City Academy are university/college bound and looking for a small focused setting where their maximum academic potential can be realized. The 99% of our graduates who are accepted into the college or university of their choice report to us that they were well prepared to be successful at this academic level.

The expectation of hard work and a planned approach to learning carry over from City Academy to university.

We hope as you browse this website you feel that City Academy creates is an exciting and inspiring environment.

Parents say

Our Philosophy

The school’s philosophy is derived from the principal’s 35 years as an educator, consultant and administrator in the public school system, enhanced by her work with the Ministry of Education as an Education Officer and as a Supervisory Officer and instructor of teachers and future administrators in the Education faculty at York University.

Our Program

School Structure

Full-time, Part-time Day school, Night school and Summer school. a wide spectrum of courses.

Saturday courses and tutorials by request.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses, Supplementary Calculus, SAT and ACT prep courses Small non-credit workshops in a variety of supplementary courses designed to improve student work habits.

Our teachers have been workshopped in Teaching/Learning Styles, Study Skills, Note Taking Skills and Exam Writing Skills. All of these are addressed within the context of course delivery.

Our Students

The student population at City Academy reflects the same cross section as would be found in any large public or private high school.

Students enter the school with the goal of maximizing their academic potential.

All are focused on entry into post-secondary schools in Canada, the United States and Europe.

We draw from Toronto the GTA, Thornhill, Aurora, Mississsauga, Whitby and as far away as Italy, Dubai and China.

Because of our compact size and the flexible structure of our timetable we are able to respond with a program delivery mode which meets a wide variety of student needs. Amateur athletes, that course you didn’t have time for, upgrading marks, accelerated learning.

Many students have completed their entire high school career, gr9-12 with us.

The school is built on the belief that a positive and cooperative tone is necessary to each student’s learning and success. Returning students comment on how much they appreciated the warm and supportive atmosphere offered by City Academy and its staff.

Students Say

School Structure

Day School

4 Semesters

1A Sept – Nov8:30-11:00 and 12:00-2:30
1B Nov  – Jan” “
2A Feb – Apr” “
2B Apr – Jun” “” “

Night School

2 Semesters

1st: Sept – JanNights: Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs1-on-1s: flexible timing
2nd: Feb – JunTimes: 4:30  – 7:30 

Summer School

Last 3 weeks of June Semester 1 Jul Semester 2 Aug
Monday to Friday Mon to Friday 8:30 – 2:00 Mon to Friday 8:30 – 2:00
8:30 – 2:00 (1-on-1s only) 1-on-1s: flexible timing 1-on-1s: flexible timing

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students seeking entry to post-secondary education (mostly universities).

We offer all the credit courses needed to gain entry into Arts, Business, Science and Social Science programs.

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Standardized Testing

City Academy has assisted many students in successfully receiving acceptances to universities throughout the United States. Many of these schools

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Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students seeking entry to post-secondary education (mostly universities).

We offer all the credit courses needed to gain entry into Arts, Business, Science and Social Science programs.

City Academy teachers are talented, energetic, student-friendly subject specialists, most of whom possess Master’s degrees or double Master’s degrees. They are hired for their ability to relate to students, assess student needs and to do the work necessary to inspire students to achieve optimum success. Because of our teachers’ passion for their subject of expertise they offer exemplary instruction. Courses offered at night school and summer school are taught by the same staff who teach day school.

Our students are drawn from high schools, both public and private, across the GTA and beyond. Several of City Academy’s students are elite athletes or talented musicians, actors and film makers who take advantage of our flexible timetabling in order to have time for their sport or vocation, while achieving academic excellence. Some of our students wish to attend universities in the United States and come to our school to take advantage of the support they receive in attaining that goal.

All City Academy students have the desire to succeed and are prepared to exhibit the necessary work ethic required to achieve their goals. They have also accepted ownership for their success.

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